How to Run a Business When You Have Mastitis

Oh, mastitis. Oh the creep-on ‘condition’ that gets you bedridden in an instant. If you’re like me, the following will explain your day(s) with mastitis. 9am: I notice a hard spot. 2 hours later: why does this tea taste so weird? 3 hours later: I’m cold. Why is it sooooo cold? 4 hours later: you attend a birthday party. 4.5 hours later: you’re back home because you literally cannot keep your head up. 5 hours later: under blankets shivering while removing blankets because it’s so freaking hot. Next day: breakdown following by slow, gradual recovery.

Mastitis is the devil in disguise. I recommend prevention at all costs!! But if it’s too late, how can you proceed and continue running your business? How do you reply to emails or update some bookkeeping? First, pray that mastitis hits you on the weekend: less or no business needs to be conducted then. If karma hits you by mastitis hitting you during the week – how can you run a business then? It’s a trick question, because you can’t DO anything. You’re literally a log hit by a 100-ton truck over and over and over again. You cannot DO anything. You need to accept the condition you’re in, and wait.

Respect your body

Whenever we get hit by a cold or a virus, our bodies begin screaming at us to chill out. Take the day off. Your body must rest. You have been given an incredible body – just for you. Think of your body as your temple. Cherish it. Make sure you are treating it with utmost respect. Nourish it properly (with healthy, nutritious, (vegan)) food. Get the sleep you need (yes, I know, ‘ha ha’ for new mothers – so aim for at least a few uninterrupted hours of sleep). Meditate. Reflect on the beauty of life. Be grateful. Take the time to just be. Just… be. Close your eyes and rest (even if it means just until your toddler wakes up from his afternoon nap).

You need (solar-powered) energy to care for your family

Remember all those memes going around about you needing the fuel to run your engine (ugh, so not eco-conscious)? Or the ones where you need to put on your air mask before putting on your child’s air mask? It’s because you need the energy to care for others. You cannot expect to have energy for your family if you do not have energy for yourself. But be careful here: this is not to say you cannot aim high. Do not give in to the excuse of not having the time to achieve something.


So when you’re back in good health and all is well, DRIVE that engine. DRIVE your power into creating something incredible. Take those risks. Work SMART, and NOT hard. Strategize. Think. Re-think. Re-plan. Put your ideas into ACTION. And because you can, TAKE 15 minutes out of your busy schedule and write a blog post. Just write. Just do it. Why is Nike’s slogan so popular, because it’s so simple yet means so much. So just DO IT.

You are now back in good health. If you’re like me, most likely you will appreciate your good health now even more because you didn’t have it a day ago. You have ENERGY! You have the ability to spend your days achieving goals. Smashing limits (since, you know, there are no such things as ‘limits’ because you have just smashed them).

NOW you can run your business. You can run it to the end of the galaxy. You can show just how capable you are of creating something out of nothing. Because that’s what entrepreneurship really is: creating something. Having a vision, understanding how to put it into action, and producing something that wasn’t there a second ago. So now you have your health back. Go ahead, make those dreams come true.

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