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I will be sharing all the details involved with building an online business that can provide you and your family with time and financial freedom. I hope my background in business consulting can help you reach your financial goals and live life the way you would like to live it.


What I could have done…

After my maternity leave ended, I was left with three options:

A. Find a regular 9-5 job and be away from my family for at least 40 hours/week

B. Have my husband find a job, where he would be away from us for at least 40 hours/week

C. Generate income by working from home, which would allow us to be together and available for one another whenever needed

At times you are presented with an opportunity, and at other times, you need to create the opportunity for yourself. Act on this opportunity, be committed, and you will not regret it. Thinking of spending so much time away from my family, or having my husband spend so much time away from us, made me develop hypothetical anxiety, and then I knew we had to find another way.

On top of Plan C, I’m an outside-the-box thinker, and don’t simply  want to make money working from home. I want to make money working from home, without actually working too hard / too long. What’s the point of working from home if you’re working long hours and can’t actually spend time with family. Exactly. I needed to find a way to work SMART, which would allow me what I wanted.

Family is my number one priority. Before having our son, I was a career-driven hard-core feminist who had a strong resume including a year of doctoral studies and government, non-profit, and business experience. I always thought I would work for the government, the UN, or the EU. My husband knew he would be the homemaker even before we got married. And then our first son was born, and my priorities were re-focused to what really mattered (at least to us).

I’m a breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby-wearing mom who is overly-in-love with her family, and doesn’t fathom the idea of spending countless hours away from her loved ones. So the online business creation begins.


A Couple of Start-ups…

Start-up 1: I received a hefty government grant to start a consulting business where I would help with start-ups, strategic planning, business plans, and professional writing services. This is my business and political consulting background, which gives me the extra tools I need to provide solid advice on this blog. I’m not just ‘blowing smoke.’ I actually am quite business savvy. However, you gotta do what you love, and this project was short-lived. I was still trading time for money, and would not be able to make money without actually working. I still freelance on the side, but only because I enjoy it, or if my services are sought out by friends or my larger network. But I knew I needed to find something else. So, onto the next idea.

Start-up 2: This project was even shorter lived than start-up 1. Loving youth summits and conferences, I created the Bright Minds Leadership Academy. About a week or two into the project, I realized I wouldn’t actually be able to move away from my income generator. This scared me. Should I sacrifice my freedom to relocate in order to make money? No. Being constrained to a place always frightened me since I was always a free soul. A nomad. Not being able to move around made me drop this project even before I started advertising it.


Some Downtime…

Looking for some inspiration and ideas about income generation, I purchased two books. The first was Early Retirement Extreme. Let’s face it. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t actually want to work. I simply want to spend time with family and do what I love. Of course people laughed when they asked what book I was reading. I’m a millennial in her twenties – of course I want to retire soon! They knew it was my kind of book so they weren’t surprised and did not question it. To make things clear: I’m not lazy. I just don’t accept the idea that we need to work 40 hours per week to make a living, and then spend our last years of life (retirement) doing what we wanted to do all along. I don’t accept the idea that we must spend time away from family. I don’t. And I refuse to give into this socially-constructed perception of reality. At least not without a fight. So I read the book, and I highly recommend it to everyone who wants more out of life (I know, cliche, I know). But really. It’s a great book that provides a different perspective. But I must warn you: you must be serious about a new way if it is to work for you. If you like your job, but want to retire in your 30s or 40s, or in 5-10 years, this book will show you how.

The second book I read during this ‘free-time’ is Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Workweek. And may I just say, thank you Tim for that book. If you have not yet read that book, go buy it now. Here, here’s a link to the site, and buy it. Just do it. You can thank me later. My one regret is not reading this book sooner, but then again I didn’t know about it, so I can’t beat myself up too much. I’m in my mid twenties, so not too much is lost. This book will turn your world upside down. Not only does it give step by step info to generating passive income, but it does it with examples, and great writing. Let me tell you, I have never re-read books without having to for academic purposes. Until this book came along. I even purchased it in Polish to have my husband and family read it. It is incredible. So along comes my ‘Eureka’ moment.


Tying it all together…

My life experience, my family, my opinions, my background, my environment, and the resources that I have reviewed throughout my life (including Early Retirement Extreme and the 4-Hour Workweek) have all led me to where I am now. They are the foundation on which I will continue this journey.


So what now?

I always wanted to support my family financially without spending too much time away from them. As a mother (and a mom who breastfeeds two young children and cuddles plenty during the day), I have about 1-4 hours to ‘work’ a day. So I embarked on a journey to find my muse for a niche market. For a detailed explanation of what a niche and a muse are, see I Had a Muse for an Itch.

The purpose of this blog is to show you how you can make residual and/or passive income doing what you enjoy, which will allow you to spend time doing what you love. We welcome you to this blog, and hope it will help you achieve the financial freedom that you want. You might even realize that you don’t want ‘1 million dollars,’ but simply a way to support yourself or your family without spending your life away from them.

We went through a few different projects that helped lead to the creation of our highly-successful international yet home-based trade business. We love it! On top of being able to work from anywhere in the world that has Wi-Fi, we have turned our yearly income into our monthly income! So visit often for business advice, some good laughs, and updates on our journey to financial freedom.

Best wishes,

Marika Jeziorek

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