Why I will NEVER be the (female) Robin to your (male) Batman

I’m not your second in command. I’m not your runner up. I’m not your secretary. I am a strong-willed powerful woman and proud mompreneur, and I won’t apologize for it.

Dudes go for a beer

Maybe it’s because I’m currently staying in a rural village in Poland, but almost at every get-together my husband is invited by the guys for a beer on the other side of the table. I kid you not – they literally step 1 meter away for a ‘guy’s beer moment’. My husband is invited, not me. Because I’m a woman. Even though I am a very successful business woman and thus may have valuable insight into business and can contribute exponentially to the betterment of these men, I am not invited for this beer because I am a woman. Even when we’re sitting with some guys, they pour my husband a shot and forget about me. But no. I will not back down, so I obviously comment the shit out of that moment.

The Man builds the house

We’re in the process of building a house. And what do people say? ‘Jarek (my husband) is building a nice house,’ ‘or ‘Jarek is so organized that they’ve completed a lot of the house already.’ No mention about me. No mention about the fact that I’m the one bringing in the $$$. Imagine if the situation were reverse. Imagine if I was the one caring for our family and people started complimenting me that I (and I alone) am building a nice house. I laugh even thinking of that ridiculous situation because it would never happen. If I was the one caring for our family full-time, then my husband would be praised for building a house. Not me. Not the WOMAN homemaker.

And there ain’t no apologizing

I achieved financial freedom at the age of 27. When I was 27 years old I could retire and have our family live comfortably for the rest of our lives. We have 3 sources of income and we’re working on creating more. I created an international yet home-based business and I trade with brands and buyers from around the world. I have been able to do all of this while being a breastfeeding, baby-wearing, attachment-parenting and peaceful-parenting parent. I am an incredibly successful mompreneur who continues to have her cake and eat it too.

We need to be screaming our (business) success

Growing up I don’t remember a single incident where I was impressed with the achievements of a woman (other than my mom, obviously). I never had women role models in my life (again, other than my mom, who is simply amazing). I was surrounded by conservative views and even a few years ago my family was mocked that Jarek wouldn’t be the one bringing in the dough. ‘Women should be raising families’ they said.’ Men need to work for the family’ they said. ‘Stfu’ I said. Perhaps it was because of the way women in my life were viewed – as childbearing women who need to stay put behind the stove – that pushed me to push past the ridiculous social barriers and kick it up a notch to successful entrepreneurship. What remains clear is that we need more women in top positions. We need more mothers in top positions. We need to show future generations that it’s OK to raise a family while running a successful business. We need to scream our success so that all young girls recognize the possibility and all young boys understand that women can do it. Women can achieve anything they want – whether its raising a family, having a strong career, or both. We can have it all.




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