Why you should NEVER complain about MONEY

Never. And I mean NEVER complain about money. This is perhaps the most important piece of advice you will ever receive. Complaining and negativity are detrimental to your wellbeing. I will argue that complaining is even worse than debt, because it may even be the cause of debt in many cases. So stop complaining!

The power of your mind

It is difficult for many of us to comprehend just how powerful the mind really is. If someone believes that they are beautiful, then they will continue to believe that they are beautiful, regardless of what anyone says or does to convince otherwise. On top of that, others may begin to view that person as beautiful because of the confidence that radiates off of that person. Imagine that! How many people do we find attractive not because they’re actually good looking, but because they think that they’re good looking? I bet all of us know at least one of these people.

Similarly, remember the movie A Beautiful Mind? Or the movie where the father tried to make his boy incredibly happy even though they were living in a concentration camp during WW2? Exactly. The mind can make you believe absolutely anything. And your actions that follow your mind can convince others to see things differently as well.

You attract what you think

Since we know and understand how powerful the mind really is, we need to now understand that the mind attracts what you think. In comes the law of attraction. Our thoughts lead our mind to attract things in reality. If we think negative thoughts, we won’t have the power to overcome our mind’s attraction to negativity. Our reality will be shaped by our negative thoughts, and thus a negative reality will follow. If you complain about money, you will continue to have money problems. If you complain that you are fat, ugly, and boring, then you will be fat, ugly, and boring. If you complain that your kids are rude and annoying, they will continue to be rude and annoying (though I argue no kid is a bad kid!). You attract what you think. So it’s time to step away from the negativity.

Positive thinking leads to positive results

Think about all the blessings in your life. Be grateful for everything that you have. Be grateful and make sure the universe knows that you are grateful for everything. Because if you live in a country that is not war-stricken and if you have a roof over your head or a meal to eat, you have dozens of things to be grateful for. Manifest this feeling of gratitude into the universe. Believe it. Think about it.

When your partner asks if you can replace your beat-up car next year, don’t laugh or say NO. Say ‘sure’. Say ‘why not’? Act as if you CAN afford that car. Think of yourself as being able to afford that car. ‘Honey, do you want to go on vacation for Christmas’ asks your partner. ‘YES’ you reply enthusiastically, and automatically visualize yourself sipping that margarita. And continue to visualize that beach and crystal-clear water. Think about it. Think about it all the time, without stopping. Think of that vacation and begin to strategize how to set aside the money for that trip.

Now, this is not to say you should be completely irresponsible and buy yourself a Beamer when you have credit cards to pay off. Do not be irresponsible! Draw the line before you reach recklessness. You must find the balance. Do not let your thoughts become negative, stop complaining, and force your thoughts to be continuously positive. Whenever a negative thought creeps in, release it. Do not hold onto it. Replace it with a positive idea.

I’ll tell you a secret: when I stopped complaining about money a few years ago, I started to have less money problems, and then they completely evaporated (the problems, not the money). Stop complaining. Stop complaining about your health. Stop complaining about money. Stop complaining about your kids. Think positively. I’ll tell you another secret: we have dozens of friends who complain. Who complain about not being able to afford this or that. And you know what? They continue to not be able to afford this or that. They continue the cycle of complaining –> unhappiness –> complaining. And they wonder why they can’t break free. So think of the good. Think of success. Think of freedom. And you will achieve it.

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