Why you should take risks and apologize later

Time. There’s so little of it. Especially if you’re a mother who likes / needs to spend time with her family.  And even more especially if you have little children. There are not 26 hours in a day or even 25 hours in a day. There are only 24 – and that’s the way it will remain. So how do we balance everything? How do we manage to get everything done (while staying sane)? Take risks. Take risks and if need be, apologize for them later.


Though I went into detail on batching in an entire post, just a little info to reiterate: batch to get it done. Set aside 30 minutes a day just for one single task. Set another 30 minutes aside for another task. And focus only on that one task – on nothing else but that one task. Why am I mentioning batching in a post about taking risks? Because batching helps you develop the ‘get it done at all costs’ mindset. Once you start applying batching to your days, you will excel at getting it done.

Taking risks to succeed

Nothing great ever comes from the mundane. And thus you must take risks. You can’t expect to have a different outcome unless you start doing things a different way. You are your biggest obstacle. You can achieve anything once you understand that you can achieve anything. You must take risks.

I’ll give an example of my ‘take risks and apologize later’ work (and life) ethic. I run an international home-based trade business. I partner with brands and buyers from around the world. From Australia to the US to Canada to the UK and everywhere in between. We represent several brands. But our days are still limited to 24 hours. And so how do we get anything done? We take risks. I get an email from a buyer requesting price adjustments of a few skus. I can either go through all of the skus on the list, or I can take a risk. And I usually take that risk because I value my time. We’ve been working with this buyer for a while now, so we have some good mutual trust going on. I run through the list of skus on which they would like lower pricing, I choose a few of them, compare to the pricelist we have from the brand, and we then approve the entire list. Why do we take the risk and approve all prices even though we’ve gone through only a few? Because a few dollars here or there are not worth the time to go through the entire list. And on top of that, we have many other tasks to complete in that one day. Time is limited. So we complete the task and move onto the next.

Another example of where I take risks on a regular basis is when I plan events. We work with flash sale buyers and plan dozens of events each month. Though our business is basically a 1-person show where I perform all tasks, I take on as many events as possible. I risk not being able to handle all events because I’m a solo-preneur. I risk because I know I will find a way. I will find those extra 30 minutes here or there to forward inventory confirmations. I will find that extra 5 minutes to reply to an email confirming the ship-from address. And if I’m a day or two late in confirming inventory, I apologize. Or blame it on my laptop.

When taking on dozens of events each month, I also risk running out of funds. I risk this because I know I will secure funds one way or another. You see, we’re really good with our brands. Though we wait 2+ months for our payments, we pay our brands upfront or 1 week after receipt of invoice. We have huge payments each month (100k +), even though we wait for months for our payments from buyers. We take good care of our partners. We plan these events because we know we’ll find the time to handle them and we’ll find the funds to pay our brands on time. And if we’re 1-2 days late with a payment, we’ll apologize. And then we’ll continue planning more events.

Stop waiting and take action

Could you imagine if we waited? Waited for everything to be perfect? To know 100% that I’ll find the extra time to do one task or another? If we waited and set aside a few 100k before we took on events? We would still be waiting. And waiting. And we would be waiting for the financial and business success we have already achieved. So stop waiting. Take that risk. Take the risk of taking on good business. Take the risk because you will find the time. You will find the funds to pay for an expense that allowed you to make money. Your potential is huge. So use it to succeed.



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